'Excellent books have been written about the battle for Crete, but none, for me, has been as vivid and clear and exciting as Antony Beevor's Crete - The Battle and the Resistance. His unerring flair for the climate and the feel of the conflict . . . his insight and his grasp of these events make them seem as though they had happened last week . . . This brilliant book.' Patrick Leigh Fermor in The Daily Telegraph.

'Excellent . . . an arresting account of the whole war on Crete, including the ghastly experiences of the Cretans under German occupation..' John Keegan in The Sunday Telegraph.

'Antony Beevor has safely avoided the risk of belittling the epic story by over-dramatization. He has served his heroes well, both Greek and British, so that even those who knew them personally will now know them better.' C.M.Woodhouse in The Times Literary Supplement.

'This lucid, readable book is set to become the standard work.' Gerald Cadogan in The Financial Times.

'The best book we have got on Crete - better even than Dan Davin's, who was there.' M.R.D.Foot in The Observer.

'It is a complex, moving story, and Mr Beevor tells it very well, with a masterly analysis.' The Independent.

'An admirably researched study . . . In fact, when the official history of SOE in Greece is published, it should quote from this book.' Nigel Clive in The Spectator.

'Beevor's book has a fine cast of characters, both British and German . . . his facts are accurate and his judgements sound. The lively eloquence of his prose may console those who participated in one of the Empire's most poignant defeats.' Sir David Hunt in The Times.

'Waugh is but one of the numerous cast which Beevor handles with a dexterity reminiscent of Simon Schama's technique in Citizens. He portrays the minor characters and leading players with equal fidelity, even when the scene switches from military to clandestine action; and in the latter, less documented area, his assiduous research is triumphantly apparent.' Xan Fielding in the London Magazine.

'As a writer, Antony Beevor goes from strength to strength. This is history at its best, accurate but vital, analytical but exciting.' Geoffrey Powell in The Birmingham Post.

'A new study was scarcely called for unless it enhanced the battle perspective by one means or another. Antony Beevor has met this requirement triumphantly. in this absorbing, readable and valuable book.' General Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley, The Royal United Services Institute Journal.

Crete: The Battle and the Resistance

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